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About Us

Introducing Nandinii Radio: Your go-to source for current affairs, entertainment, music, DAW insights, and sound engineering updates. Join our team of passionate hosts and experts as they bring you the latest and most captivating content from the world of news, entertainment, and music.

Meet our experienced and charismatic host, Mr. Nab! With a background as a musical artist and writer, Mr. Nab adds a unique flavor to Nandinii Radio. His infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of music, DAW, sound, and audio engineering will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the shows.

Mr. Nab will take you on a journey through the latest happenings in the world of current affairs. From global politics to technological breakthroughs, he'll provide insightful analysis and updates, ensuring you're well-informed about the events shaping our world.

But that's not all! Nandinii Radio is not just about news; it's about fostering meaningful discussions and exploring diverse perspectives. Mr. Nab will invite expert guests from various fields to share their insights, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of complex issues.

Prepare to be entertained as well! Mr. Nab's expertise as a musical artist will shine through as he curates unique playlists and introduces you to talented musicians from around the globe. Discover new sounds and immerse yourself in the magic of music.

Are you an aspiring musician or an audio enthusiast eager to enhance your skills? Mr. Nab has got you covered! Nandinii Radio offers valuable tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you refine your skills in DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), sound synthesis, and audio engineering.

We take pride in providing a smart, user-friendly platform that optimizes your experience. Easily navigate through our shows and discover content that piques your interest. Share your favorite episodes with friends, and become part of our vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

Tune in to Nandinii Radio now and elevate your understanding of current affairs, entertainment, music, and the captivating world of DAW and sound engineering updates. Join Mr. Nab and our team of hosts as we embark on an enriching journey together! Let the captivating sounds of Nandinii Radio inspire and entertain you.