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Rinku Singh Smashed 3 sixes in three bowls in Super over : UP T20 CUP 2023

Rinku Singh Smashed 3 sixes in  three bowls in Super over : UP T20 CUP 2023


In the electrifying clash between Meerut Mavericks (MM) and Kashi Rudra (KR) during the Uttar Pradesh T20 Cup on August 31st, a remarkable feat unfolded that left spectators awestruck. Rinku Singh, a dynamic batsman from the Meerut Mavericks, etched his name in the annals of cricket history by launching three consecutive sixes in the super over, steering his team to a thrilling victory.

Match Recap

As the contest commenced, Meerut Mavericks won the coin toss and elected to set a target by batting first. The captain, Madhav Kaushik, led from the front with an unbeaten knock of 88 runs off 52 balls, propelling his team to a commendable total of 181 runs for the loss of four wickets. The stage was set for an intense battle as Kashi Rudra stepped up to chase the target.

In a display of sheer skill and determination, Kashi Rudra's skipper Karan Sharma and Shivam Bansal exhibited their prowess, notching up 58 runs off 44 balls and 57 runs off 41 balls, respectively. Their exceptional batting prowess drove the game to the brink, with both teams striving to secure victory in regular play. Yet, the twists of fate led to a riveting showdown in the super over.

In the high-pressure super over, Kashi Rudra took the first strike, managing to post a competitive total of 16 runs. The mantle of reply fell upon Meerut Mavericks' batting duo, Rinku Singh and Divyansh Joshi. As Rinku Singh faced the first delivery and registered a dot ball, the tension soared. However, what followed was nothing short of extraordinary – Rinku Singh, drawing from his immense reservoir of power and precision, dispatched the next three deliveries over the boundary ropes, securing a dramatic victory for Meerut Mavericks.

Rinku Singh Batting

This remarkable achievement by Rinku Singh wasn't his first tryst with such heroics. In a previous edition of the IPL, representing the Kolkata Knight Riders against the Gujarat Titans, Rinku Singh had etched his name in cricketing folklore by smashing an incredible sequence of five consecutive sixes in the final over, catapulting his team to a memorable triumph.

The match between Meerut Mavericks and Kashi Rudra will be remembered as an exhilarating clash of titans, with Rinku Singh's astonishing performance in the super over standing out as a testament to the thrilling unpredictability of the game of cricket. It showcased that in cricket, as in life, the unanticipated and the exceptional can emerge when least expected, etching stories of valor and victory in the hearts of fans and players alike.

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